The Bulletproof Diet and its benefits

If you’re one of the many people looking to shed that extra weight, you’ve probably already had several unsuccessful dieting attempts. More than likely, you found yourself always coming back to the same junk food and sweets you tried so desperately to avoid. The key to dieting is finding a meal plan you’ll have an easy time adhering to, and the Bulletproof Diet promises to be just that.

The diet was created by tech wiz Dave Asprey, who took the scientific approach and went a step further – by his own admission, his goal was to ‘hack’ his own biology and find a nutritional secret of sorts. Being quite overweight was all the motivation he needed, but it took him a lot of experimentation before he sort of stumbled on the idea for his Bulletproof Diet during a visit to Tibet – there, the monks of exceptionally good health and fitness were drinking buttered coffee.

The basis of the Bulletproof diet and how it works

Most everyone who knows something about nutrition knows that there are three macronutrients to look out for in food: protein, carbohydrates and fat. Protein fuels our muscles and promotes health, carbohydrates give us energy (especially over the short term), but the role of fat was always kind of unclear. The very word ‘fat’ makes people recoil and instinctively avoid any food filled with it. But Asprey says fat is actually good for you and that it should form over half of your diet.

He renounces fruit and similar food rich in sugar and/or carbohydrates, saying it’s poor nutrition and only acts as short-term fuel. Instead, he urges you to focus on ingesting healthy fat, from grass-fed butter and healthy meat to almonds and other nuts. He maintains that the average body is starving for these saturated fats, and that you’ll actually be giving your body the necessary nutrition while also keeping yourself healthy. The ideal meal plan for the Bulletproof Diet can contain up to 70% fat, with the remaining percentage being split dead even between carbs and protein.

What the Bulletproof diet can do for you

One look at Avrey makes it clear that he’s a slim individual despite leading a lifelong sedentary lifestyle. Above all, Avrey aims to provide you with a meal plan that eliminates cravings – when you pass by that McDonald’s years into your Bulletproof Diet, you should have no trouble casually walking or driving past it with a smile on your face.

Aside from a gradual and sustained weight loss, Avrey also promises that the diet wards off a myriad of health ailments that plague the modern man: cardiovascular disease, diabetes and so forth.

Perhaps most intriguing, however, is that the diet’s author also purports your IQ will increase by 10-20 points as you start giving your brain the fat it needs. It’s said that the brain spends a lot of calories, and it’s been proven that some amount of diet fat is needed to keep your mental image clear, so maybe there’s a bit of truth in this claim. On the other hand, for all its health benefits, the diet probably won’t let you deflect bullets any more than a set of Big Macs would.